May 11, 2023

Bloomberg Covers Cloud Service Providers After FTC Workshop With Steve Weber

From Bloomberg

Fees Thwart Switching Cloud Computing Providers, Critics Say

By Leah Nylen

Complaints about how cloud service providers try to prevent customers from switching to rivals was the focus of a virtual workshop convened by the US Federal Trade Commission on Thursday. 

Experts invited by the agency said Microsoft Inc. and Oracle Corp. make it difficult for companies to leave their cloud systems by charging significant fees to migrate data or use their software tools elsewhere...

Amazon Web Services, imposes charges to move data out of its data centers, making migrations difficult and expensive, said Steven Weber, a professor at the University of California at Berkeley School of Information...

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Steven Weber is a professor emeritus of the I School, retiring in 2021. He previously served as the faculty director at the Center for Long Term Cybersecurity (CLTC).

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May 23, 2023