Jul 29, 2022

Grads of UC Berkeley’s Data Science Master’s Program Can Earn More Than $155K

From Fortune

Grads of UC Berkeley’s data science master’s program can earn more than $155k

By Meghan Malas

The University of California-Berkeley is regarded as a top-notch institution—especially for those students looking to land a job in Big Tech after graduation. The school is among the upper echelon of STEM universities for its programs in engineering, environmental science, computer science, and mathematics—and more recently, Berkeley has become a leader in information science disciplines like cybersecurity and data science.

The high salaries for Berkeley’s graduates reflect that its programs are highly regarded by employers, as well. Alumni of the university’s master’s degree program in cybersecurity earn a median base salary of more than $214,000. And roles in data science—a similarly burgeoning field—are also delivering high compensation to Berkeley School of Information graduates...

“Our 2021 career report indicates that the data science job market and compensation continue to be strong and growing,” says Rebecca Andersen, senior director of student and alumni career development at the university. “Data science is one of the fastest growing career fields in technology and we anticipate salaries will continue to match this demand.”

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Rebecca Andersen is the senior director of student and alumni career development at the UC Berkeley School of Information. 

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August 1, 2022