Jul 27, 2022

Berkeley is One of Top 5 Online Master’s in Data Science That Doesn’t Require the GRE

From Fortune

Top 5 online master’s in data science programs that don’t require the GRE

By Meghan Malas

Data science is a burgeoning field, and over the past decade, universities have been developing academic programs to help meet the demand for data-savvy graduates. Online master’s degree programs in data science allow even more prospective students access to skills that can land them a high-paying, rewarding job.

But it’s not just a COVID-19 phenomenon that’s causing test policy changes. In February 2020, the University of California—Berkeley announced it was making standardized test scores optional for its data science degree programs, following a recommendation made by the School of Information’s diversity working group...

“The program was designed to equip working professionals with the tools and knowledge to analyze, store, process, visualize, and use the increasing quantity of data and datasets available across a wide variety of industries,” says Catherine Cronquist-Browning, the school’s assistant dean of academic programs and of equity and inclusion. “We saw a significant need to prepare a new group of skilled leaders who could meet the needs of this exciting moment in technological development.”

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Catherine Cronquist-Browning is the assistant dean of academic programs and of equity and inclusion at the School of Information.

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August 1, 2022