Sep 12, 2019

Steve Fadden Speaks Design at UXINDIA 2019

From Telangana Today

Designing a catalyst for change: Experts

By Sunny Baski

At the three-day international conference UXINDIA 2019, experts in the design industry emphasized the importance of UX design in the coming years. Designing has the potential to be a catalyst for significant changes in building products at a company and delivering higher value to the customers, said experts at UXINDIA 2019. 

Speakers from all over the world expressed similar sentiments. Steve Fadden, Head of Research for Measurement at Google and lecturer at the UC Berkeley School of Information, said in many organisations, people rely on data to make informed decisions. From business leaders and managers, to individual contributors, people seek evidence and insight to inform their thinking and make decisions to guide their organisations, he said.

Fadden continued: “For UX designers, researchers, and managers who work to understand users and create analytics and data-centric systems, it can be a challenge to know how best to go about the process of designing data-related experiences for users."


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June 12, 2020