May 9, 2019

MIDS Alumnus is Using AI to Improve Water Access in Africa

From CNBC Africa

How AI could help improve water access in Africa

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Poor access to safe water in most parts of Africa remains a critical problem that leads to safety and education issues. Automated machine learning platform Datarobot is at the forefront of an initiative that seeks to help address this with Artificial Intelligence solution. Chandler McCann, Data Scientist at DataRobot joins CNBC Africa for more.

“We know that nearly a billion people require access to water through rural water points. We’re using automated machine learning, in conjunction with partners in Sierra Leone and Liberia, to learn the patterns of which water points are broken, and then extrapolate those patterns out into the future to predict which water points are going to break down the road. So this really has huge impacts with respect to budgeting and forecasting...”

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Chandler McCann is a 2018 MIDS alumnus, and data scientist at DataRobot. 

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July 10, 2019