Sep 18, 2017

Jesse Goldhammer proposes Silicon Valley incubator in DC

From Lawfare

Put Silicon Valley in D.C. With a Cyber Workforce Incubator

By Jesse Goldhammer and Zach Graves

It is no secret that Silicon Valley and Washington have dramatically different workplace cultures and attitudes toward risk and technology. In the valley, savvy entrepreneurs look to disrupt the status quo. Meanwhile in Washington, many of our elected representatives and government personnel are stuck decades in the digital past, forced to use equipment that would be better housed in a museum....

To this end, Congress should take steps to support new workforce models that facilitate cross-pollination of talent between private-sector technologists and government agencies....


Jesse Goldhammer is associate dean for business development and strategic planning at UC Berkeley’s School of Information and senior adviser to the Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity.

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September 21, 2017