Microsoft Azure University Tour

Wednesday, April 11, 2018
4:00 pm to 7:15 pm
California Memorial Stadium, Field Club

See where the cloud can take you at Microsoft’s Azure University Tour, a free learning event for student developers, faculty, and staff where you'll code alongside industry experts, boost your cloud development skills, and test cutting-edge technology.

Check out some of the content we'll be featuring at the event:


You'll see the newest Azure technologies in action with a demo-rich agenda, covering a range of topics from data science, to Cognitive Services, and more!

Hands-on Challenges for Students

Build on everything you learned from the demos and choose from one of three hands-on challenges for a chance to win an XBOX!

Cognitive Services Challenge

Discover the power of Cognitive Services! Have you ever taken a trip and searched for a place to stay? Search results can be overwhelming. In this challenge you will use the Microsoft Cognitive Service, Project Wollongong, within a Node.js web application to help find the perfect spot. Location ranking is determined based on what you can find nearby – public transit? A coffee shop? Your website will allow the user to set weights to different attributes, personalizing the search. Next, you use Project Wollongong to group and weigh these attributes and narrow down your search.

Big Data Challenge

Start learning how to harness the power of big data! Thinking of renting out your place over summer break? Sure we have lots of data from existing rental sites, but how do we prepare and query that data to learn what we need to know? In this challenge you use Azure data lake and U-SQL to clean up and query data, and to gain insights so you can figure out what sort of occupancy and revenue you can earn from your property.

Machine Learning Challenge

Train your own machine learning model! Thinking of renting out your place over summer break? How much should you charge a night? Charge too much and no-one will book it, charge too little and you miss out on extra revenue. In this lab you will take advantage of the Azure Data Science Virtual Machine. This virtual machine comes pre-loaded with everything you need to train your own model. You will use Scikit-learn on the Data Science Virtual Machine for Linux to figure out the optimal rental rate.

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