Information Access Seminar

Student Progress Reports and iSchools Conference report

Friday, February 20, 2009
3:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Megan Finn, Patrick Riley, Daniela Rosner, and others

Megan Finn: Information Practices after Modern California Earthquakes

This work will be a chapter of my dissertation which situates the information practices of early internet users after the 1989 earthquake in the context of California earthquakes. My hope is to make an argument that information practices after an earthquake are more enduring than the latest information technology.

Patrick Riley: The Metadata of Live Television

What if you could search for what is being mentioned on TV? What if you wanted to get an email alert as soon as the Berkeley I School is mentioned on live TV? Is there information we can gain from indexing everything ever said on TV at any given time, in terms of linguistics research, media monitoring, fact-checking, social media, and search query trends? Is TV metadata even important compared to the enormous production of social, user-generated media?

A new search engine created at the Berkeley I School for indexing the metadata of live TV will be demonstrated by Patrick Riley, a Ph.D. student at the I School, and a discussion on metadata, copyright, media monitoring, and data mining will follow.

Report and Discussion of the 2009 iSchools Conference by Daniela Rosner (and maybe others)

The Fourth iSchools Conference brought together scholars and professionals who come from diverse backgrounds and share interests in working at the nexus of people, information, and technology. "The conference celebrates and engages our multidisciplinary efforts to understand the scholarly, educational, and engagement dimensions of the iSchool movement." A report from people who attended. See

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