Data Science 210


(Summer 2023)

Project Gallery

Elevate your running journey with PacePerfect! Receive personalized training plans tailored to your goals, improving speed and minimizing injury.
Web app for HR professionals to upload employee history reports and generate a dashboard of historical and predictive turnover insights.
Happy Llama
Large language models are trained on a massive corpus of internet text, documents, forums, and more. Much of this data is littered with inconsistencies,...
Review Sentinel
Unleash Negative Review Insights for Growth! Unleash the power of LLM on Amazon review data from 1996-2018 across 4 product categories. We explored supervised...
Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, and early detection and accurate diagnosis of tumors is critical for effective treatment and improved...
Home page for the TA.GPT application.
Let TA.GPT save you time by performing literature reviews for you. Then dive deeper into TA.GPT's summarizes if you wish with the citations used to create the...
Delve deeper into sentiment analysis: Unraveling Source, Target, and Emotion. Analytics redefined with state-of-the-art transformer models.
ViTAL Logo
Supercharge X-ray reporting using advance vision-language model
Offshore Wind Farm
“We understand the importance of renewable energy for climate initiative targets.  We’re on a mission to democratize wind turbine predictive maintenance for...
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