Info 290

XML and Related Technologies

1-3 units

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This course is not currently offered.

Course Description

This course complements IS 243 (Document Engineering) with more extensive coverage of XML technologies and the use of those technologies to build applications. The course will cover in depth XML syntax and processing, Unicode, XPath and XSLT, XML Schema, and processing models for XML. It will also cover using XML technologies to build web-based applications. Some experience using Java (e.g. IS 255) will be helpful but is not required.

There is a one credit option of this course. For that 1 credit, no final project will be required and subset of the assignments will be requried.

Required Texts:

  1. Definitive XML Schema, Priscilla Walmsley, Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-13-065567-8
  2. Beginning XSLT, Jeni Tennison, APress Books, ISBN 1-59059-260-3 (see


Recommended Text:

  1. Java & XML, Brett McLughlin, O'Reilly, ISBN 0-596-00197-5




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January 10, 2017