Info 290

Health Information Services

2 units

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Information is the cornerstone of healthcare. Insurance companies design plans and products based on health information; hospitals and clinicians employ it for their operations, care and administration; third parties such as imaging centers, laboratories, pharmacies, etc. rely on it for their business and profitability; consumers increasingly demand it, and entrepreneurs and established firms increasingly look to health information for innovation and profit. This course is intended to provide an overview of health information services from the multiple viewpoints of hospitals, clinicians, consumers, and entrepreneurs, among others. By doing so, the student will gain an understanding of the complex role of information services in health care innovation, operations, administration, and clinical care. Emphasis will be placed on managing information as a key organizational asset in today's healthcare system and the role of information in the service of health care. The course will also cover business, political, technical and other drivers of the current state of the art (or lack thereof!). Course readings will include material from peer-reviewed journals and trade press that highlight topics such as imaging, hospital safety, insurance plans, security in health care, quality of care, consumer information services, and clinical systems including electronic health records and telemedicine. Guest lecturers will highlight special topics of interest. The course will assume no prior clinical experience nor technical expertise.

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January 10, 2017