Info 290

Emerging Management Paradigms

2 units

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Course Description

This course will be quite different from typical courses. As a class we will explore emerging paradigms in management. Management is changing quite a bit these days. New ways of managing are emerging; some are driven by advances in information technology, while others are influenced by broader societal and demographic trends. In this course, we will use an ongoing research project into “the world’s best-performing companies” to explore emerging paradigms in three areas: (1) new leadership models (distributed, collaborative); (2) new business models that combine profit and environmental/societal issues (“doing well and doing good”); and (3) workplace innovations (networked, work/life balance). This combination of leadership-business model-workplace innovations amounts to new kinds of companies. The course will not use standard lectures: students and the professor will together discuss and explore issues and company cases. The course is not a theory or academic research course but an applied management course.

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January 10, 2017