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Management of Technology -- Doing Business in China

2 units

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Course Description

"To miss today's China is to miss the great opportunity for this generation." This course is derived from China's rapid rise and its transformation of global competition. This course has three major parts: (Notice that the first class meeting is very important, because we will overview China's changes)

  1. Hot Topics in 2007 such as: what are the most recent changes in China's technology, business and policy environment? What is the China scenario and its impact on global? What is the trend of venture capital investment in China?
  2. Must-Have Topics such as: What are the fundamental differences in doing business in China vs. doing business in the US? What are the top three unique assets that a firm needs in order to survive in China and how are they obtained? How can understanding the fine line between Guanxi and corruption determine my success in China?
  3. Topics for Careers related to China such as: If I want to start up a technology firm in China, how should I begin? If I want to work for a MNC in China, what do I need to know?



We will use lectures, case studies, guest speakers, and class discussions to answer the questions we raise in each module below. For China Fellows, we will have a 10 days trip to China after the semester.

40% Class participation.
30% Case/reading material study questions.
30% group project

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