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Business and Technology for Sustainable Development

2 units

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Course Description

This is a Related Course of the MOT program.

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to an overview of the role of business and technology in poverty alleviation and sustainable development in developing regions of Africa, Asia and Latin America through:

  • understanding the key development challenges facing the developing world in the 21st Century;
  • identifying opportunities for sustainable business in developing countries, especially among the poor;
  • analysing, from theory and practice, the link between technological innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainable development;
  • identifying and analysing the prevailing features of the overall policy and reform environment that shape business and technology development in Africa, Asia and Latin America;
  • introducing and discussing foreign aid, trade and foreign direct investment as tools for developing capacity to do business for sustainable development;
  • building a higher level of generic expertise of what it takes to do business in developing countries;
  • understanding the role of public-private partnerships in sustainable development.

Course Syllabus (pdf)

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January 10, 2017