Info 290

Advanced Citizen Clinic Practicum

2 units

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This course is not currently offered.

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This course is now offered as Info 289B.

The Advanced Citizen Clinic practicum is for students who have already completed Info 289. Public Interest Cybersecurity: The Citizen Clinic Practicum.

For individuals and organizations involved in political advocacy, cybersecurity threats are an increasingly common reality of operating in the digital world. Civil society has always been under attack from ideological, political, and governmental opponents who seek to silence dissenting opinions, but the widespread adoption of connected technologies by the individuals and organizations that make up civil society creates a new class of vulnerabilities. Citizen Clinic at the Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity provides students with real-world experience assisting politically vulnerable organizations and persons around the world to develop and implement sound cybersecurity practices.

Advanced students will spend the majority of their credit hours engaging directly with clients under the supervision of Clinic staff. Emphasis will be on advanced threat research and security mitigations. Enrollment will be by application only. Eligible students will be placed on the waitlist and then contacted with instructions to apply for admission to the course.

Contact Steve Trush with any questions.


Info 289. Public Interest Cybersecurity: The Citizen Clinic Practicum

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March 16, 2020