Interface Aesthetics


3 units

Course Description

How does good design enhance or facilitate interaction between people? How does good design make the experience people have with computational objects and environments not just functional, but emotionally engaging and stimulating? This semester seminar will cover new interface metaphors beyond desktops (e.g., for mobile devices, computationally enhanced environments, tangible user interfaces) but will also cover visual design basics (e.g., color, layout, typography, iconography) so that we have systematic and critical understanding of aesthetically engaging interfaces. Students will get a hands-on learning experience on these topics through course projects, design critiques, and discussions, in addition to lectures and readings.

Students will receive no credit for C265 after taking 290 section 6 (Spring 2009 or Fall 2010; New Media 290 section 1 (Spring 2009) or New Media 290 section 2 (Fall 2010).

Also listed as New Media C265.

Requirements Satisfied

MIMS: Technology Requirement
Ph.D. Breadth — Engineering and Design
Ph.D. Major/Minor Areas — Human-Computer Interaction
Last updated: July 6, 2022