For First-Time TAs

1. Teaching Conference

All TAs teaching for the first time on the Berkeley campus must attend the Teaching Conference for TAs.

In the fall semester, all first-time international TAs must also attend the Teaching in the U.S. Classroom conference.

(International TAs who anticipate being appointed​ ​​for the first time ​in the spring​ semester must attend the international TA conference in the fall.)

2. Professional Standards and Ethics Course

Every first-time TA must successfully complete the online course Professional Standards and Ethics for TAs before they interact with students (either in person or online) in their role as an instructor. TAs can enroll in the course by going to the TA Teaching and Resource Center's website. Faculty, especially those working with TAs, are also encouraged to take this online course. This course is updated each summer. 

3. Semester-long 375 Course

Every first-time TA must either have completed or be enrolled in a semester-long 37​5 course on teaching offered by the TA’s department. The pedagogy seminar may only be taken in another department with the advice and approval of the Faculty Adviser for TA Affairs in the teaching department and with the consent of the pedagogy course instructor in the other department. 

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For faculty teaching with TAs

The Graduate Council Policy on Appointments and Mentoring of TAs stipulates responsibilities for departmental faculty, which include a meeting at the beginning of the semester to go over the course syllabus, clarify TA responsibilities in the course, and, in the case of discussion sections and labs, describe the relationship of sections to lecture. All faculty members who teach with TAs are required to meet regularly with new and continuing TAs. 

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November 2, 2023