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Morgan G. Ames
Assistant Adjunct Professor
Alumni (MIMS 2006)
Science and technology studies; computer-supported cooperative work and social computing; education; anthropology; youth technocultures; ideology and inequity; critical data science
Associate Professor
how marginalized communities adapt technology, algorithmic fairness and opacity, human control over algorithms, ethnography
Associate Professor
Human-computer interaction, tangible user interfaces

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(photo: <a href="">Lisa Neale</a>)
Four I School students evaluated a pilot test by the UC Berkeley Disabled Students Program, providing Livescribe computerized pens to students with learning disabilities. They were hoping the pen would lessen the reliance on hired notetakers — but their research showed that it’s more complicated than that.
Professor Nancy Van House

Ten faculty members from eight campus units will collaborate on research related to disability, with topics including how people define and respond to disability and the critical areas of technology, education, and employment. The university announced this sweeping new disability research initiative earlier this month.