A novel LSTM–CNN–grid search-based deep neural network for sentiment analysis

Priyadarshini, I., & Cotton, C. (2021). A novel LSTM–CNN–grid search-based deep neural network for sentiment analysis. The Journal of Supercomputing, 1-22.


As the number of users getting acquainted with the Internet is escalating rapidly, there is more user-generated content on the web. Comprehending hidden opinions, sentiments, and emotions in emails, tweets, reviews, and comments is a challenge and equally crucial for social media monitoring, brand monitoring, customer services, and market research. Sentiment analysis determines the emotional tone behind a series of words may essentially be used to understand the attitude, opinions, and emotions of users. We propose a novel long short-term memory (LSTM)–convolutional neural networks (CNN)–grid search-based deep neural network model for sentiment analysis. The study considers baseline algorithms like convolutional neural networks, K-nearest neighbor, LSTM, neural networks, LSTM–CNN, and CNN–LSTM which have been evaluated using accuracy, precision, sensitivity, specificity, and F-1 score, on multiple datasets. Our results show that the proposed model based on hyperparameter optimization outperforms other baseline models with an overall accuracy greater than 96%.

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November 4, 2021