Privacy and Policy in Polystores: A Data Management Research Agenda

Kroll, Joshua A., Nitin Kohli, and Paul Laskowski. “Privacy and Policy in Polystores: A Data Management Research Agenda.” In: Gadepally V. et al. (eds) Heterogeneous Data Management, Polystores, and Analytics for Healthcare. DMAH 2019, Poly 2019. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 11721, pp 68-81. Springer, Cham (2019).


Modern data-driven technologies are providing new capabilities for working with data across diverse storage architectures and analyzing it in unified frameworks to yield powerful insights. These new analysis capabilities, which rely on correlating data across sources and types and exploiting statistical structure, have challenged classical approaches to privacy, leading to a need for radical rethinking of the meaning of the term. In the area of federated database technologies, there is a growing recognition that new technologies like polystores must incorporate the mitigation of privacy risks into the design process.

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November 14, 2019