From RESTful Services to RDF: Connecting the Web and the Semantic Web

Rosa Alarcòn and Erik Wilde, From RESTful Services to RDF: Connecting the Web and the Semantic Web, UCB ISchool Report 2010-041, School of Information, UC Berkeley, June 2010


RESTful services on the Web expose information through retrievable resource representations that represent self-describing descriptions of resources, and through the way how these resources are interlinked through the hyperlinks that can be found in those representations. This basic design of RESTful services means that for extracting the most useful information from a service, it is necessary to understand a service's representations, which means both the semantics in terms of describing a resource, and also its semantics in terms of describing its linkage with other resources. Based on the Resource Linking Language (ReLL), this paper describes a framework for how RESTful services can be described, and how these descriptions can then be used to harvest information from these services. Building on this framework, a layered model of RESTful service semantics allows to represent a service's information in RDF/OWL. Because REST is based on the linkage between resources, the same model can be used for aggregating and interlinking multiple services for extracting RDF data from sets of RESTful services.


Rosa Alarcon

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