Linked Data and Service Orientation

Erik Wilde. "Linked Data and Service Orientation." Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Volume 6470, pp. 61-76.DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-17358-5_5. (2010)


Linked Data has become a popular term and method of how to expose structured data on the Web. There currently are two school of thought when it comes to defining what Linked Data actually is, with one school of thought defining it more narrowly as a set of principles describing of how to publish data based on Semantic Web technologies, whereas the other school more generally defines it as any form of properly linked data that follows the Representational State Transfer (REST) architectural style of the Web. In this paper, we describe and compare these two schools of thoughts with a particular emphasis on how well they support principles of service orientation.


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September 20, 2016