Collocated photo sharing, story-telling, and the performance of self

Van House, N.A. (2009). "Collocated photo sharing, story-telling, and the performance of self". International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 67, 1073-1086.


This article reports empirical findings from four inter-related studies, with an emphasis on collocated sharing. Collocated sharing remains important, using both traditional and emerging image-related technologies. Co-present viewing is a dynamic, improvisational construction of a contingent, situated interaction between story-teller and audience. The concept of performance, as articulated differently by Erving Goffman and Judith Butler, is useful understand the enduring importance of co-present sharing of photos and the importance of oral narratives around images in enacting identity and relationships. Finally, we suggest some implications for both HCI research and the design of image-related technologies.


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September 20, 2016