BioText Search Engine: beyond abstract search

Marti A. Hearst, Anna Divoli, Harendra Guturu, Alex Ksikes, Preslav Nakov, Michael A. Wooldridge, and Jerry Ye. "BioText Search Engine: beyond abstract search". Bioinformatics 23(16):2196-2197. (2007).


The BioText Search Engine is a freely available Web-based application that provides biologists with new ways to access the scientific literature. One novel feature is the ability to search and browse article figures and their captions. A grid view juxtaposes many different figures associated with the same keywords, providing new insight into the literature. An abstract/title search and list view shows at a glance many of the figures associated with each article. The interface is carefully designed according to usability principles and techniques. The search engine is a work in progress, and more functionality will be added over time.


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September 20, 2016