Prerendered user interfaces for higher-assurance electronic voting

Ka-Ping Yee, David Wagner, Marti Hearst, Steven M. Bellovin. "Prerendered user interfaces for higher-assurance electronic voting." Proceedings of the Usenix/Accurate Electronic Voting Technology Workshop 2006. USENIX Association, Berkeley, CA, p. 6. (2006)


We propose an electronic voting machine architecture in which the voting user interface is prerendered and published before election day. The prerendered user interface is a verifiable artifact-an electronic sample ballot-enabling public participation in the review, verification, usability testing, and accessibility testing of the ballot. Preparing the user interface outside of the voting machine dramatically reduces the amount and difficulty of software verification required to assure the correctness of the election result. We present a design for a high-assurance touchscreen voting machine that supports a wide range of user interface styles and demonstrate its feasibility by implementing it in less than 300 lines of Python code.


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September 20, 2016