Analysis Architecture of a Mobile Sports Replay System (IEEE)

Riley, Patrick F.; "Analysis Architecture of a Mobile Sports Replay System'. International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications, IEEE, Apr. 18-20, 2006, 6 pg


IEEE Classification: Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Information Systems, Information Retrieval

mReplay (short for "mobile replay") is a solution to an intriguing problem: individuals attending sporting events have less information than those watching the same game on television. On television commentators discuss what is happening and plays can be replayed. In football, for example, controversial plays are often replayed in slow motion as the commentators explain the rules and what they think applies in a given situation. At many sporting events, there is no commentator to discuss what happened and there is often no replay-e.g. baseball. mReplay is a patent-pending information system that provides on-demand instant sports replay and traditional media convergence functionality to most mobile devices by capturing and processing a television signal. Devices include non-3G mobile phones, PDAs, the new Sony PSP, and mobile devices without video playback. mReplay also allows users to vote during the sporting event: for example, for their favorite play of the game, or on whether an officiating call was accurate, or for their favorite player. All of this can be done from the mobile device.



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