Student Project


For an audience of experienced Energy Traders we want a user to be able to select power generation station (nodes) and links to buy the following day. The user will be shown the predicted pricing for the following day. What actually occurs may be different from the prediction. The trader needs to use his/her own intuition and as well information not captured by the prediction model such as weather in the selection of Nodes and Links for the trade. There is a budget of $50000 to spend assembling a portfolio. There are 2 ways to make money with trades:

Arbitrage: On every node there is a peak price and off-peak price. Money is made on the difference between the prices. For example an off-peak price of 25cents and a peak price of 50c presents an opportunity to make 25c of profit by buying at the low and selling at the high price for that node.

Point-to-Point: Between connected nodes there’s an opportunity to buy power at the lower priced node and to sell at the higher priced node

Last updated:

August 1, 2021