5th Year MIDS Capstone Project 2020


You've used hundreds, if not thousands, of websites in your life. But how many privacy policies, terms and conditions, or terms of service have you read? If you're like most people, it's not many. But these policies have huge effects on your experiences online, especially with respect to your personal data.

Harnessing Natural Language Processing (NLP), AWS servers, and Chrome extension technology, the Termite team has built a browser add-on that seamlessly rates the policies of the websites you visit in the background, letting you know how well each one does on a standardized scale. We've spent hours with privacy experts, tailoring our algorithms so that Termite can accurately recognize good and bad policies, as well as focusing our attention on what matters to the end user. Termite also tracks these ratings, allowing users to see day-to-day shifts in their privacy hygiene, empowering them to make better choices about their Internet behavior.

The Termite team is excited to present our product at the inaugural 5th-Year MIDS Capstone Showcase on August 3rd, 2020.

Logo designed by Chris Rivas. Instagram: @the_hidden_talents

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'Termite' Product Demo

'Termite' Product Demo

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August 11, 2020