Student Project

Firearm Control Laws

Overall Concept

Firearm violence is a topic of great concern, but it’s unclear what gun laws best address the problem

Firearm legislation is largely at the state level in the USA

Gun violence can also be tracked at the state level in the USA

Data can be shown over the course of time to see short and long term correlations


  1. Visualize the correlation between gun violence and gun laws.
  2. Present a clear visual relationship between firearm laws and firearm violence.
  3. Allow exploration for potentially effective strategies to minimize firearm-related violence.


  1. Voters and concerned citizens
  2. Politicians

Potential questions

  1. What is the state of gun violence in the USA?
  2. Is there a potential correlation between state laws and firearm violence?
  3. Do certain laws have an immediate correlation? Do others take more time?

Tasks for the audience

  1. Explore gun violence statistics by state
  2. Explore related gun laws by state and type
  3. Explore these dimensions over time

Data Sources

  1. CDC Wonder
  2. State Firearm Laws
  3. NBER
  4. Caude of Death Codes
  5. Key Gun Violence Statistics

Team Members

  • Siobhan Harrington
  • Yue He
  • Andrew Morris
  • Pritesh Patel

Last updated:

December 12, 2019