Student Project

Exploratory Data Analysis on 120 Years of Summer Olympic Games & Medals

W209 Fall Final Project

Overview: the purpose of our project is to provide a platform to analyze the results of the Summer Olympic Games and Gold Medals counts since 1896, when the first Olympic Games were held.

Three groups of targeted audience: (1)Basic: Media sources who need a quick reference to gain basic insights and report on results.(2)Intermediate: Sports enthusiasts interested in gaining further insights into olympic performances by country, sport, athlete, etc. Athletes that want to know specific world records they are competing for, details on other competitors in the field, etc. (3) Advanced: Prospective bidders looking to host the Olympics to understand required investment and host country performance.

The visulization techniques our group has used are: (1) Webpage interactions, e.g. tooltip. (2) Color associations ( gender charts using different color for male vs. female). (3) Following the idea of overview first, zoom and filter, than details on demand. (4) Clear annotation. (5) Choosing the right chart type (6) Using proper ordering, layout and hierarchy to prioritize (7) Using proper sizing and positioning. 


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December 12, 2019