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AutoQ: Improving reading comprehension through automatic question generation

AutoQ is the first free web app with automatically generated reading comprehension questions targeted to English language learners (ELLs). Our product uses machine learning and natural language processing techniques to create a vast and topical collection of multiple-choice questions that mimic the format of common English-language exam (like TOEFL and IELTS).

We believe that there aren’t sufficient resources for ELLs who are studying for these tests, particularly when it comes to the depth of practice opportunities available to them. Skill development and increased performance on the exams can be achieved simply with more practice, which is why we want to democratize this resource, so all ELLs have the potential to succeed.

We currently offer almost 100,000 practice questions on over 10,000 Wikipedia articles. Our collection is growing, check back for more.

Approaches we use have been adapted from the following sources:

Question Generation:

Question Answering:

Automatic Evaluation:

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April 14, 2019