MIDS Capstone Project Summer 2018

VORTEX - Vehicle Optical Recognition Technology

One of the most important values of today’s connected society is the ability to access information that exceeds our domain knowledge. More and more, we expect to be able to attain this new information cheaply, quickly and with as little effort as possible. VORTEX satisfies the necessity for immediate information in one area: the automobile industry.

VORTEX enables users to gather information about any vehicle they can see in a matter of seconds. Snap a quick photo in the app and our model will provide you with details about the vehicle make, model, year, user ratings and starting retail price. In addition, VORTEX will provide this same information for the 2 closest competitors so a user can do some quick comparison shopping.

Our dataset was manually gathered and meticulously scrubbed to ensure the correct labels where placed on each complete vehicle image. This process required significant effort, and at this point in time we have addressed 74% of the new vehicle sales for model year 2018. 

Further details are available on the website below as well as links to our modeling code and dataset.

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October 1, 2019