MIDS Capstone Project Summer 2018

Unmasking Deepfakes

A generally agreed on set of facts are the bedrock upon which an informed citizenry can base its opinions and exercise its democratic rights and responsibilities. Reputation, authenticity, and the ability to trust one's own senses are a critical part of that equation.

Today, that ability to trust our own eyes is threatened as never before. Technology used for identity swapping in videos gets better and easier to deploy by the day. What is now used to create unauthorized depictions of celebrities in uncharacterisitic behavior will soon be used to influence elections and destabilize fragile nations.

The age of asymmetrical information warfare has arrived, and with it an arms race running at a furious pace.

This project joins the fight by using Neural Networks and other machine learning methods in combination with statistical analysis and signal processing techniques to detect AI-generated forgeries.


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Faces for training deepfakes generator
Faces for training deepfakes generator
Autoencoders Introduction
Autoencoders Introduction
Autoencoders for face swapping
Autoencoders for face swapping


Trump Greed Is Good


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