MIDS Capstone Project Summer 2018


In today’s interconnected world, mobility in the workforce is crucial and a much higher volume of people are moving to new locations than ever before - about 7.5 million people in the US in 2016 alone. But how will they decide where to live and find their next home without the knowledge and experience of a new city? The research needed to make an informed decision is currently extremely time intensive and complex with current tools, requiring searching numerous websites and collating the different types of information about individual properties, neighborhoods, and towns. It seems unlikely that people are finding the best location for their preferences with this process.

SmartRE aims to improve this process by being a one-stop shop combining the key information the user cares about in one place and identifying the best match with the user’s preferences based on individual survey results. We obtained and integrated property, neighborhood, and location attributes to provide a holistic view of the listing. This information is both displayed to the user on property detail pages and fed into our model generating listing rankings for the individual users. This provides a level of insight previously unavailable without years of personal experience living in a city, resulting in reduced time investment and improved quality of outcomes in finding a home for the user.

SmartRE is currently a fully functional prototype for the LA area, and we invite you to try it out for yourself!

Last updated:

October 1, 2019