MIDS Capstone Project Summer 2018


Brain health is important to our lives. It allows us to recognize our family and friends, make decisions, and perform everyday tasks like eating and bathing. However, as we get older, science shows that our brain health can suffer from a brain disease called dementia. It’s progressive, irreversible, and has no cure.

Dementia is a worldwide public health issue. Today, nearly 50 million people have dementia (where healthcare costs are about $1 trillion), and in just about a decade, over 70 million will have the disease (and healthcare costs will double to $2 trillion). Dementia is a major cause of disability, dependency, and stress. Our current process for diagnosing dementia is complex and limiting. The procedures and technologies used to detect dementia are expensive, time-consuming, and only accessible to people who can afford these resources. This means there could be many people who don’t know they may have dementia, and can’t get the medical care they need.

We built brainHealthDx to address this problem. brainHealthDx is a short and simple online tool that integrates advanced data science with rigorous scientific research, and uses rich datasets to assess the risk of dementia based on diverse aspects of health. brainHealthDx provides high-quality data-driven, scientifically-grounded, and ethically-mindful information about your brain health—wherever, whenever.

Want to know more about your brain health? Click on the link below to take our test!

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October 1, 2019