MIDS Capstone Project Fall 2018

Bias Detector

With over 160 million reviews, Yelp is the go-to destination for many searching for reviews of local businesses. Yelp's 170 million monthly unique users put a lot of faith in the reviewers to give fair, unbiased, impartial reviews of businesses. However, can all reviews really be trusted? Yelp reviews are not immune to reviewers' racial, gender and socio-economic biases, impacting the average ratings of businesses and unfairly affecting their owners' livelihoods.

The Bias Detectors are here to set the record straight. Bias Detector is a free tool relying on AI and Natural Language Processing algorithms to identify biases. It empowers consumers to identify biased reviews to better inform their purchasing decisions with businesses in their area, and allows local businesses to be reviewed, and to earn, based on what the quality of their goods and services, not factors outside their control, like their race, or sex, or the rate of poverty in their area.

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October 1, 2019