MIMS Final Project 2016


We wanted to address the complicated world of privacy…… but it’s big, beyond any individual, and for many people, it’s not much more than an afterthought. That said, one of the best ways to support privacy is to build a great product that has it baked in and provides a fantastic user experience.

We know your experiences are dynamic and spread across many platforms. We want them to bring them back together, in one place. That’s why we’ve created Portal. Portal gathers your memories from your Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, and even Spotify feeds into a single collection. Scroll back in time to see photos from your last vacation, where you went, and what songs you listened to.

All of your information that Portal gathers can be accessed by you and only you.  Even we do not have the keys to unlock it. We are simply leveraging the latest in blockchain-based storage networks, to create a cheaper, more private, and secure alternative for you.



Portal Project

Portal Project Video

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October 7, 2016