MIDS Capstone Project Fall 2016

Content-Aware Ad Blocking

Free Intelligent Ad Blocking

Using machine learning to block unwanted advertisments

Block Ads

Unwanted and intrusive ads are blocked allowing for a more enjoyable browsing experience!

Stop Tracking

Disable tracking to browse the internet anonymously!

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Leverages state of the art artifical intelligence to block your ads

Track Metrics

Monitor and understand why certain ads are blocked


Completely free with no profit motives!

Open Source

Open-source so you can improve on our work!



Machine learning pipeline efficiently blocks ad-serving scripts in real-time!

Raw Javascript and source URL used to score each script



We train our machine learning model on a set of labels generated by existing ad-blocking filter lists, so our baseline is accuracy at reproducing the hand-curated filters. Performance during day-to-day use may sometimes exceed that of existing ad blockers by extrapolating from known cases in ways that hand-written filters are unable to do. Results below are from running our adblocker on 60 websites and 157 URLs (an admittedely small sample size) and comparing to existing adblockers. Our adblock performs with far better recall and similar precision to existing adblockers.



Last updated: March 30, 2017