MIMS Final Project 2015


In today’s society, workers are seeking career changes more frequently than ever. This is a very overwhelming process for many people, largely because it is difficult for individuals to assess which types of roles are available and would be a good fit considering a wide array of factors. Career changers want to know what they are getting into. They want to have confidence in their decisions and understand what it will take to make a successful transition.

There are currently two main categories of online tools that can be used by career changers for information seeking: (1) government career data sets; and (2) online job search websites. While government agencies invest a lot of time and money into curating large data sets of validated career-level information, they are missing data for a number of new, high-growth careers. In addition, the web tools available to search and browse this information have outdated user interfaces that are difficult to navigate. Job search websites provide information about what real employers are looking for, but their algorithms are optimized to match users with specific roles at specific companies. As such, they are not incentivized to provide career-level tools that tie back to specific job postings.

Pivot is a web application that helps career changers explore new opportunities, compare career alternatives, and take next steps to make a career change happen. It provides a layer of analysis on top of job description data merged with government datasets, featuring a clean, intentional design that re-defines career discovery as a delightful experience.

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