MIDS Capstone Project Fall 2015


Fact Checking for Deal Feeds

Social media and RSS feeds are a great way for customers to hear about deals and for vendors to let people know what they have. Comparison shopping on 140 characters? Maybe not such a good idea.

Deal Trader is here to help. Using natural language processing and machine learning techniques, we can grab the information from the tweet, kick off a search of other common vendors (like Amazon and eBay) and let you know right away if that price is really a good deal or not.

We've kept the site simple to to keep it mobile-friendly. Please contact us if we answer any questions.

How We Do It

We pull tweets from SlickDeals and Amazon Lightning Deals and parse the content to pull out the link URL, the price, and the description. We then search other sites for similar items, and match the description returned from the other vendor. If the descriptions match we compare the prices and display results, letting you know whether it's a good price or not.

Block Diagram for our System
Block Diagram for our System

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March 30, 2017