MIMS Final Project 2014

iBeyond : Whats your next step?

iBeyond is a data-driven approach for providing career path predictions. The recruiting industry is currently beginning to leverage candidate profile data to help ease the application/recruitment process. Current systems compare the candidate resume and a job posting to determine if the job is a good match for the candidate. We aim to build an engine using machine learning and data mining techniques, that would generate predictions for a candidate based on prior employee information. This would potentially be an alternative to the models that big companies like LinkedIn and Bright with rich candidate information build. We would gather a pool of prior employees who have been in the job and compare the new candidate against them to determine if he/she would be a good match for the job. Our focus would predominantly be on providing suggestions for candidates which would help them determine the next step in their career.

Data Source: Simply Hired Inc. is providing us with anonymized candidate resume samples


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October 7, 2016