MIMS Final Project 2014

Hercubit: Smart Fitness Tracker and Social Platform

Hercubit is our capstone MIMS final project at UC Berkeley School of Information (I School). We are building a wearable device on top of the Arduino architecture with motion and wireless sensors that accurately tracks user's body movement while they are doing fitness exercise. Besides the Smart Fitness Tracker, we will also deliver a social platform which allows multi-player game setting that we hope can engage the users more into exercising and thus benefit their health. This project aligns with popular interests such as Internet of Things (IoT) and quantified-self wearable devices. It also integrates the skills we acquired from the I School, including usability assessment, tangible user interface, machine learning, as well as web and mobile development.

The code of our work can be downloaded at github.com/charleswang007/hercubit/raw/master/Hercubit.zip





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