MIMS Final Project 2014

Common Ground

We have developed a platform for educators to explore, share, and organize resources aligned with the Common Core Standards.

Through exploratory qualitative research, we found that many teachers leverage online resources for ideas on creating new curricula. However, we heard from teachers that there is no easy way to organize the abundance of relevant educational resources they find on the web. Additionally, it is difficult for teachers to know which of those resources they can trust without conducting a thorough review of each one. Both aforementioned activities take a significant amount of time and effort, and teachers are hard pressed to find the bandwidth in their already hectic schedules to commit to these tasks.

With the adoption of the new Common Core State Standards, teachers now have a new task: to understand and implement these standards into their existing curriculum.

Our platform aids teachers in their process of finding, organizing, and implementing new educational resources. The ultimate goal is to give teachers more time to do what they really love: teach.


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March 30, 2017