MIMS Final Project 2013


Team members:


We are bulding a public search portal for the UC and Jepson Herbaria and UC Botanical Garden.


The UC & Jepson Herbaria and UC Botanical Garden have different search interfaces but both pose difficulty for users to search, browse, or investigate the collections. Our goal is to prototype an interface that allows users to search the collections in an intuitive way.


We will first do ethnographic research to gather information from researchers, staff, citizen scientists, students, enthusiasts and the like. Using the insights gathered from our research, we will design an interface that solves the current problem. We will create personas and storyboards to assist in the design of wireframes. We will test wireframes with the target users and work towards a refined prototype at the end.


We will submit personas, storyboards and design recommendations that help in the implementation of the design.

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October 7, 2016