MIMS Final Project 2010


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MySchool is an iPhone application that promotes learning among children ages 9 - 11. Based on childrens' love of "playing school", MySchool places the user in the shoes of an elementary school teacher who must teach lessons to virtual students. In addition to teaching lessons, the child also grades their students' homework, and teaches their students respectful behavior by handling classic elementary school behavioral issues. Educational content is delivered through multimedia 'learning modules' which increase in difficulty as the user progresses through the game. Once the child has earned enough 'teaching points' they can move on to the next module. In order to facilitate scalability and submission of content by third parties, all MySchool content is formatted in a standardized xml schema. As an iPhone application, MySchool takes advantage of the inherent flexibility and ubiquity of mobile devices; this is a game which can be played anywhere and which delivers an enriching experience through just a few minutes of play.

Educational software games for kids are often limited to math drills, spelling drills or trivia memorization. MySchool aims to expand the learning experience to include a deeper understanding of subjects and concepts while engaging children through gameplay that is fun and immersive.

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