MIMS Final Project 2010

Delivering Custom Updates of Judicial Opinions


Because of the decentralized nature of the courts, at present there is no free and easy way for attorneys, academics, journalists, and law librarians to stay up to date with court opinions as they are published. CourtListener.com addresses this need by obtaining cases from the thirteen federal circuit courts of appeal and the Supreme Court of the United States as they are published each day. CourtListener.com then uses a powerful boolean search engine to deliver custom updates to users such that they can set an alert and be notified by email or RSS and remain abreast of the latest legal cases and precedents.

CourtListener.com also has a quickly-growing database of more than 130,000 court opinions, dating back to 1754. This database can be rapidly queried by researchers, bringing free legal research to anybody that is interested.

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CourtListener.com has more than 130,000 cases in its rapidly growing database.

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October 7, 2016