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The Neighborhood Project provides neighborhood boundaries and demographic information. A neighborhood is a place built on identity. Neighborhoods [generally] conjure ideas of a geographic character. Some neighborhoods build identities through culture, age, and heritage. Others base their existence on location, a hill, a seaside or a seedy part of town. Each one provides a unique character with a story. Neighborhood Map in Search Internet services become more users focused; the need to provide greater localized content has expanded the requirements for more neighborhoods demographic information has also increased. Two key elements driving targeted localized interest are: consumer neighborhood name recognition and neighborhood demographic consistency. By supplying data based on defined locations with common characteristics –which consumers are familiar with-- companies and service organizations will be able to target these communities and their inhabitants more effectively. • Descriptive Boundaries Method: Identifies street boundaries of neighborhoods using combination of data from city planning offices, chambers of commerce, and local real estate firms. • Deduction Method: Uses satellite images to enhance estimation of neighborhood demarcations. • Scatter Plot Method: Aggregates user survey responses to modify neighborhood boundaries over time, capturing evolution of neighborhoods caused by bleeding, where desirable or undesirable neighborhoods grow to slowly engulf surrounding areas.
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