MIMS Final Project 2007

mReplay 2.0


Sports fans attend live events to show their team support, to enjoy the ambiance of the live audience, and to simply relish in the thrill of being there. It's live, raw, and uncensored. Ironically, by going to a live event, what attendees gain in the extra sights, sounds, and smells of their fellow fans, they give up a little of the information directly involved with the event itself. Their perspective of the event is confined to the field—it is ethereal, unidirectional, and extremely narrow. On the other hand, stay-at-home fans watching the same event on television receive more metadata about the event; such as slow-motion playback, rewinds, overlaid scoring and statistics, and live commentator analysis.

mReplay 2.0 will rectify this. Building upon the foundations of the 2005 mReplay project, this version will empower live sporting fans with on-demand instant sports replay and traditional media convergence functionality to their mobile devices. mReplay 2.0 follows a traditional client-server solution. The client-side application resides on the the user's mobile device and connects to various mReplay servers via the wireless access protocol (WAP) or 802.11 wireless networking. The server side, also known as the AutoPilot Backend System, provides 15 and 30 second video feeds to the mobile application client. Users can call up replays from any point of any game that is within the server's storage. Aside from watching instant replays, users will be able to vote on particular polls regarding the game. For example, typical poll topics will include favorite player, best play of the game, or if they think an official call was accurate.

This project will build upon the interdisciplinary skills we cultivated throughout our I School careers, ranging from coding to business-plan development. More information is available from www.mreplay2.com.

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