MIMS Final Project 2007

The First Time Project

Team members:

The First Time Project allows people from varied backgrounds to organize around dialogs of common experience. People are encouraged to share and discuss accounts of the first time they did something. We rely on the community to define the range and salience of first time experience topics. Any community member can define a new topic and, once a topic has been created, any member can add their story. Additionally, we promote the discovery of commonalities between stories from different topic areas. To do so, we rely on more than just overlapping keywords; stories can also be grouped according to shared narrative elements, namely: characters, emotional tenor, and theme. We hope to receive contributions from a wide range of individuals on an even broader assortment of topics. If successful, The First Time Project will help make visible some of the interpretive threads that weave together the vast diversity of human experience.








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March 30, 2017