MIMS Final Project 2007

Faculty Advancement Support Technology (FAST)

Faculty Advancement Support Technology (FAST) is a user-centric web-service prototype designed to replace a paper-based achievement report (Bio-Bibliography) submitted by faculty every year. Two major sections of the report, Publications and Teaching, have been researched and user-tested. The remainder of the report has been scaffolded but will be completed in a future phase.

The FAST interface is a result of user-centered iterative design methodology inclusive of interviews, card sorting, questionaires, persona and scenario development, heuristic evaluations, low-fi prototyping and interactive prototyping.

The teaching section of the report derives much of its data from databases of record across the campus. The interface allows faculty to click a button and pre-fill large portions of their report without having to type it in manually. The publications section of the report offers faculty across all disciplines an easy-to-use interface that captures both traditional and non-traditional publication. The report data will be stored electronically and has potential to be reused by other units on campus with legitimate educational interest.

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March 30, 2017